Tuesday Classes

Simple Grammar Begins: 4 February
Time: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Venue: Lismore Heights Bowling Club, High St., Lismore Heights
Tutor: Hendrik de Vries 6689 1233 Students were told to not attend classes (measles in Samoa). It was a miracle that more people were not killed (Bourke Street, Melbourne). It was wrong of Annie and I to accept the invitation. If you see nothing wrong with the above sentences, you may benefit from this course. So will people who are learning a foreign language (all languages have grammar!) and struggle with ‘gender’, ‘case’, ‘tense’ or ‘mood’. We can get by with slightly defective grammar (as virtually all of us do!) but if the pen is (to be) mightier than the sword, it must be wielded with precision and skill.
Grammar is quite complicated, but we shall try to start from scratch and travel at a pace that everyone can follow. However, God only helps those who help themselves! It may involve some use of the ‘grey matter’, but at our age: Who is afraid of a challenge? You may even enjoy it!

Literature and Opera
Begins: 28 January
Time: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Venue: St. Matthew's Community Centre, 3 Jubilee Avenue, Goonellabah
Convener: Alison Siliakus 6628 8108 or 0401 346 607 We will study Shakespeare' history play Richard II. The action takes place, prior to the better known plays, Henry IVth Parts 1 and 2 and Henry Vth. It is part of Shakespeare's exploration of the qualities required for good leadership. But it also has an unusual story line and characterization. After watching a DVD, we will read all of the play aloud discussing as we go. At the end we will watch a different interpretation on DVD.
You will need your own copy of the text, readily available from the usual sources — The Arden Editions are good.
Everyone is welcome, newcomers or continuing and especially those who did not enjoy Shakespeare at school.

History of the English Language Begins: 4 February
Time: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Venue: Presbyterian Church Hall, Keen St., Lismore
Contact: Shirley Beaver 0434 905 364 beaver121@optusnet.com.au
For those with a general interest in language and curiosity about how our own language came to be the strange beast it is!
Please note that this is (almost) the same course I ran in 2010 and 2016, but you are welcome to sighn on again if you have forgotten the detail! (I have!)
Bring 50¢ for morning tea.

Begins: 4 February
Time: 8.30 am to 9.45 am
Venue: Uniting Church Hall, 118 Woodlark St., Lismore (access via ramp to the rear)
Tutor: Connie Sporne 0413 519 775
** Class will finish on 17 March.
“Hatha yoga” or “Yoga for Health”, which is suitable for everyone, is the style I teach. Expect a slower-paced stretching-focused class with some basic breathing exercises. Hatha classes are a good place to work on your alignment, learn relaxation techniques and become comfortable with doing yoga while building strength and flexibility.

Begins: 28 January
Time: 10.00 to 11.30 am
Venue: Uniting Church Hall, 118 Woodlark St., Lismore (access via ramp to the rear)
Tutor: Narelle Evans 6628 0858
Gentle movements to restore harmony in the body and mind.
This is a continuing class. Newcomers are welcome but please contact Narelle before attending.
See also Thursday's class.

Hand Embroidery
Resumes: 28 January
Time: 9.30 am to 12.00 noon
Venue: Uniting Church Hall, 14 Bugden Avenue, Alstonville
Convener: Sue Beacroft 6621 7348
In Term 1 we will be offering 2 projects concurrently. Glenys will be teaching Casal Guidi embroidery, a raised technique developed in Tuscany in the 19th century.
Lesley is teaching Candlewicking embroidery. Resourceful women in the American wild west used candlewick to make lovely open designs.
Or you can work on your own projects! All welcome to join us!

Tuesdays With U3A
Resumes: 4 February
Time: 1.40 for 2.00 to 4.00 pm
Venue: Lismore Workers' Club, Keen St., Lismore
Contact: Pat MacLaren-Smith 6622 7408
Tuesdays with U3A offers a variety of educational presentations. Topics may include travel, history, science, nature, music etc. All members welcome.
No need to enrol.
Program for Term I prepared by Pat MacLaren-Smith; sign-in book Trish Smith; equipment Eric Davison, Gina Murray and Beth Mitchell; photos Rob Hardy.

February 4. Zenith Virago
Educator, facilitator, consultant, … Zenith has co-authored a book titled The Intimacy of Death.
February 11. U3A member Clara Hilscher: Lady in Black
Clara tells the story of her life experiences as a Lady in Black working with David Jones travelling the world as a buyer of some of their exclusive products.
February 18. Seniors Day
Please see Other Events / Seniors Week for more detail.
February 25. Heather Marshall: Quality of Life is Important
Heather will talk about about products that may increase your joint mobilisation, assist in the reduction of musculoskeletal pain and reduce excess oedema (swelling) whether the cause is vascular or lymphatic.
U3A does not endorse these products but members may be interested in this technique… they are used by the Australian Defence Force and many well known sporting bodies.
March 3. Annual General Meeting
Afternoon tea provided.
March 10. Popular presenter Alan MacLean
NSW Scottish Regiment formed in 1885 with 6 Coys in Sydney and 3 on the Northern Rivers MacLean, Lismore and Mullumbimby.
Royal NSW Lancers
One of the most highly decorated units in the Australian Army.
March 17. Lili
Growing up in a rural/traditional French village
Lili will give a presentation of her childhood in a traditional French village… if time allows she may talk about some of her travel experiences.
March 24. U3A Vice President Michael Knock
Crescent of Mesopotamia
Join us on a journey exploring the most ancient of lands and cultures. See the real Turkey through the eyes of a small group that recently discovered the lands that time has not forgotten along the Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Armenian and Georgian borders.
March 31. U3A members Stephen and Anne Jones
Part 2 of our Winter adventure: We visited Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Stockholm onwards to Copenhagen. From here we embarked on a rail trip of Danish towns that tell a story.
Throughout our trip we experienced Northern Countries in Winter with lots of snow adding to the beauty of the journey.
April 7. U3A member Hazel Davidson
Miners, Missionaries & the Warnindilyaugwa People
The Davidson family on Groote Eylandt 1972–1980
A bit of historic information, interaction between BHP and the local people and the role missionaries played; local language & culture; spear fights and crocodiles, nits & food gathering …

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